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  1. Atlas
    Sun May 01, 2016 12:27 pm
    Message by Atlas - Re: Check this
    Regarding the khans and chems, i think we could make that into a nice quest.

    For example the great khan or some other high ranking khan wishes to see his people clean from the influence of drugs but because most of them are addicted, they wont have it. So he asks the player to either convince the drug producers of the khans to stop making chems or if he/she can't do that, remove them by force. In either case it's a lose-lose scenario because option a will result in weakened warriors and option b will result in weakened warriors and a lost source of income for the khans.

    Don't know if this sounds right, this is something i just came up with.

    I have trust in your writing abilities and your vision of the lore seems to fit mine, so feel free to be as original and creative as you wish!

    Ps: Should i post the general background lore i sent you in a thread or do you want to do so after you work on it?

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