Team Update 3

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Team Update 3 Empty Team Update 3

Post by Atlas on Sat Jun 25, 2016 6:23 pm

Another somewhat short but important team update.


I made an introductory handbook for all team members. You can find it here.. It contains guidelines, information about team structure and organization as well as modding workflow instructions. It's still an early draft and it's not complete but i ask all of you to take a look at it and share some feedback so that we can improve it.

Furthermore, i made the decision to use a mega cloud folder instead of google drive/dropbox for sharing files between all team members. From now on, you will need to upload your work there and also download the latest mod files from there. Its browser based and very easy to use, if you want access to it i am going to need your email addresses so that i can add you. So feel free to pm them to me either here, or even better in discord.


As you're all probably aware, progress in the writing department has been at best very slow and almost driven at a halt over the past weeks. In order to organize things a bit better and speed up the pace of work, i took the liberty to make some executive decisions on issues like faction selection, number of quests etc. With the help of @Puggsly, i created this document which consolidates ideas from the brainstorming threads. This document is also incomplete, so i ask all of you who joined the team as writers to help fill in the blanks.

For more detailed instructions and discussions, i ask all of you haven't already joined or are in general inactive in it, to use the discord channel. You can find instructions on how to join it in this thread. I can't stress that enough, please use the discord channel. Its a wonderful tool for immediate communication and we need to sort some things out through direct discussion with multiple people.

That's all folks.
Hope to see you in discord!



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