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Here is a post made related to Fallout 4: Wyoming, Rise of the Great Khanate for archival purposes, and visibility.
Would you play this mod?

@Atlas wrote:Good People of the Fallout Community!

I have a rough idea for a new world mod for Fallout 4 set in Wyoming. Yes Wyoming. Yes I know it sounds boring but let’s try playing a quick game in order to figure out if it would make a good setting for a new fallout location.

I don’t want to give out too much about the plot (also I haven’t really fully developed it yet) so I am just going to mention some key words that are going to give you a rough idea of what I have in mind and why I think it would be a great setting for a fallout mod despite the first impression that it wouldn’t.

1: Great Khans (major focus of the mod)
2: Legion Scouts/Expeditionary Force
3: NCR Scouts/Expeditionary Force
4: Native American Faction (may have acted as Spies/Saboteurs for the Chinese before the War)
5: Viking Raiders Tribe (Worshipping Grognak the Barbarian)
6: Nuclear Missile Facilities (Major Radiation Area like the Glowing Sea)
7: Super-Volcano Experimental Energy Facility
8: Pre-War Chinese/Canadian Prisoner of War Camps
9: Ghoulified BOS
10: Primitive Hunter/Gatherer Tribals in Power Armors
11: Enclave Space Center
12: Major Alien Crash Site
13: Followers of the Apocalypse
14: Pre-War Zoo turned into Slave Town
15: Many Distinct Tribes both Friendly and Aggressive
16: Tribute Quests to popular fiction such as The Good the Bad and the Ugly, Breaking Bad, Hateful 8, A Clockwork Orange, Alien.
17: Super Mutant Village Vs Legion (Asterix & Obelix Tribute Quest)
18: Fallout New Vegas Levels of Faction Intricacy

Looking forward to your opinions, criticism, feedback and ideas!


WOW this exploded with popularity and i honestly did not expect such as response from the community! Thank you very much everyone!

Now, to address some of your most widely reported concerns:

1) i have some limited experience in modding (i have made my own custom height maps from actual geographic data and imported them successfully into skyrim with functioning LOD in preparation of Fallout 4 and as a learning method for myself. Proof 1 & Proof 2
I have also made a couple of dungeons for skyrim that i never released, again as a way to teach myself modding in preparation of Fallout 4 (no interest in modding skyrim). Additionally, i worked on landscaping and adding clutter in areas/dungeons. Proof 3 The point is, i have worked with the creation kit before and i have done some prep work in advance to the release of Fallout 4's Geck.
2) This would be a project similar in scope to other great mods such as 'Project Brazil' for FNV, 'Beyond Skyrim' and 'Falskaar' for Skyrim. It would take years to complete, i am well aware of that. It would start as a one man project until i managed to assemble a team of skilled individuals who share my vision for this particular Fallout 4 mod. If you're reading this and you think you can contribute somehow, feel free to pm me!
3) Voice acting: too soon to actually say whether it is planned or not. I'd love to have voice acting, but i am well aware of the difficulties in undertaking it for such a large project.
4) The scope of the mod is big, yes. It intimidates me, and that's why i posted here. I was seeking some confirmation about my ideas before undertaking a project of this scope. However, i feel like it can work for several reasons. Wyoming has no large urban areas to begin with, so add a nuclear Armageddon and 200 years of desolation following the apocalypse and you end up with even less stuff to fill the worldspace. This gives me an opportunity to be more creative with the world.
The worldspace will not actually include all of Wyoming, it will be severely smaller than the actual state and more game-ified. I am aiming for something smaller than skyrim in size and a bit larger than the Dragonborn dlc.


A lot of amazing people have offered to voice act, i am extremely thankful to all of you! But at this point in time, this mod is not in active development yet. It's still unknown whether there will be any voice acting to begin with and if yes what that will entail.

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