1. Guidelines for Joining [READ FIRST]

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1. Guidelines for Joining [READ FIRST] Empty 1. Guidelines for Joining [READ FIRST]

Post by Atlas on Sat Apr 30, 2016 3:13 pm

Hello and welcome!

Thank you for expressing an interest to help with this project. We welcome everyone who wishes to help, however since the scale of this project is so large we need to follow a couple of rules in order to better track and organize the mod's progress.

NEWCOMER'S GUIDE please read this document!

1. Privacy

As you may have noticed access to the development section of the forum is not open for guests or regular members to the forum. By joining our project you accept the responsibility of keeping everything you see within our forum a secret until the release of the mod. You are of course free to share openly your own individual work as you wish but sharing content and information that does not belong to you without our consent is a violation of our trust.

2. Contract System

Depending on your skill set (3d model artist, concept artist, coder etc) you can find in the respective section of the development sub-forum, a thread that contains a list of 'Contracts'.

Each contract is an individual assignment that you can claim. These assignments come with a specific set of instructions on what is needed to perform the contract.

By claiming an assignment you take on the responsibility of completing it. You can easily claim a contract by simply replying to the thread and stating which contract you would like to claim. The local director/moderator responsible for the specific section of the mod's development will mark the contract as 'Claimed' so that other members know which tasks are being worked on. Once completed, the contract is marked as 'Completed'.

Currently contracts are not operational and are mostly empty since our first and main priority is to develop story/lore and then make lists of all the assignments that will be needed.

3. Directors

Directors are team members who are responsible for a a specific aspect of the development. Directors will be selected based on their experience and devotion to the project. People in these positions are responsible for organizing the development of their sector and coordinating with directors from other sectors in order to work towards the bigger picture.

Current list of directors:

Project Management: [Atlas]
Writing: [open]
Concept Art: [open]
Scripting/Coding: [open]
Exterior Development: [Atlas]
Interior Development: [Atlas]
3D Model Development: [open]
Music, Sounds & Voice Acting: [open]
Implementation: [open]

If you wish to take on a director position, feel free to pm me and let me know.

Other Positions:

Social Media Manager: [open]

4. Content Donations

A lot of modders may not be active contractors or members of our team but they may have given us their permission to use their creations (or parts of them) as part of our own project. These people will be listed here in order to keep track of them and properly credit them for their work.

1: Mkdo40: Wasteland Imports



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1. Guidelines for Joining [READ FIRST] Empty Re: 1. Guidelines for Joining [READ FIRST]

Post by Atlas on Thu Jun 30, 2016 11:04 pm

Updated 30/6/2016, added Newcomer's guide link.



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